AgileKlix - Martin Lapointe - Agile Coach
  • There is nothing so useless
    as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. -Peter Drucker
  • Open collaboration
    encourages greater accountability, which in turn fosters trust. ― Ron Garan
  • Good - Better - Best
    Agile leaders
    lead teams; non-agile ones manage tasks. -Jim Highsmith
  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll
    Scrum makes visible the dysfunctions
    and waste that prevent organizations from reaching their true potential. ― Kenneth S. Rubin
  • Coaching Coach Development
    A true natural servant
    automatically responds to any problem by listening first. ― Lyssa Adkins

About AgileKlix

AgileKlix was created and designed to provide expertise to businesses with the desire to improve the way they experience product development. Using the Agile mindset, the focus is to find better ways to deliver value and create a dynamic environment. We work with companies ready to experience a change in how work is generated, designed and delivered.

Martin Lapointe - Agile Coach


Martin is an Agile servant leader. He fervors for communication, creating interactions, generating collaboration and organizing change positively.
Concept of Scrum Development Life cycle and Agile Methodology

Toolbox @ AgileKlix

Our Agile coaching approach help teams grow strong in applying Agile practices to their work. The focus is towards the “doing” with useful tools.
How to Reboot Your Agile Team 2016 Agile Tour Montreal & Gatineau-Ottawa 2016 - Martin Lapointe

Reboot Your Agile Team

Some people will say, “Agile is hard” as an excuse to become frAgile. Well we think we have developed a way to rebooting any Agile team.
Training - Martin Lapointe - Agile Coach


Basic Agile training for people, teams & executives – Ready to go at the next level? Get SAFe certification classes for your organisation.


  • Martin is someone with rare qualities. He is a master of the Agile domain. He has encountered almost any Agile challenge that you could think of and has succeeded at solving it. At Yellow Pages we rolled out Agile at the pace of 1 team every 6 to 8 weeks for a period of almost a year and Martin was instrumental in that roll out.
    Maurizio Mancini, Enterprise Agile Coach, Transformation Agent, QA Evangelist, Senior Certified Atlassian Solution Partner
  • Martin brought an extremely deep passion and a remarkable ability to teach Agile thinking to teams of different levels. Martin brought measurable and immediate improvements to every Sprint he was associated with. I watched him adapt his approach several times for every team he worked with. He always spoke with a deep level of experience and energy that translated to enthusiastic teams and true team ownership.
    Chris Stamatelos, Scrum Master at CN
  • J'ai eu la chance d'avoir Martin comme coach agile pour mes trois équipes. Nous avons réussi , non sans effort à implanter notre première équipe en mode Scrum et d'obtenir un très bon résultat ( vélocité et burndown ) après seulement 6 semaines. Sa gestion du changement se fait de façon progressive et avec une touche d'humour, ce qui aide à la transition.
    Philippe Audet, Directeur Principal développement chez Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes – Canada
  • What an amazing experience it was working with Martin! He was hired as an Agile coach to help us implement Agile. His great communication skills and deep Agile knowledge helped us to adopt the new mindset pretty smoothly. In 5 months we trained and formed 7 teams. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend Martin for any Enterprise that is interested in implementing Agile properly.
    Florina Vesler, eSignLive Project Manager / Scrum Master
  • When our company, eSignLive decided it wanted to go Agile, without a doubt, Martin was the first person who came to mind. He is incredibly knowledgeable with the Agile framework (in all aspects), he works extremely well with everyone and shows complete leadership. Our company has been successful in this continued transformation with his leadership and training.
    Carolyne Moran, Director of Product Management - Product Strategy at eSignLive a VASCO Company
  • Le soutien de notre coach Agile Martin a eu un impact important dans l’implantation Agile. Il est maintenant sollicité à aider d’autres équipes de groupe à monter en agilité. L’introduction de nouvelles approches avec la première équipe formée a généré un sentiment que le succès attire le succès! L’effet positif de l’accomplissement se propage comme une contagion à travers toutes les autres équipes et de la Vice-présidence.
    Luc Coallier, Directeur principal, Données corporatives, Banque Nationale du Canada